8K test @ SES sat 23.5E

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8K test @ SES sat 23.5E

PostitusPostitas peeter3000 » 11:14, 23 Mai 2018


Relying on the new DVB-S2X standard that enables greater efficiency, the transmission will be carried out on a single 36 MHz transponder on ASTRA 3B. With a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels, the video will be encoded in HEVC and transmitted at a rate of 80 Mbit/s, which is four times higher than for a 4K signal. In addition, the test transmission will use a native IP formatted signal, providing some insights into the requirements of a future All-IP broadcast infrastructure for television.
Read more at https://www.ses.com/press-release/ses-s ... Jp4cl8x.99
DVB-T/T2:Eesti-SoomeDigi/ DVB-C:Starman HD/DVB-S: Mabo 125x140cm/TBS5922


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