The Way To Program Goldcard/Funcards

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The Way To Program Goldcard/Funcards

PostitusPostitas admin » 21:33, 14 Jaan 2003

Thanks to JBLASTER

Some general info on that topic .

For pic/wafer/gold : there are 3 hex used .

1.loader hex. (this one usually we don't use with
multiprogrammers since the software in programing like ''twoprog'' or '' chipcat'' have it embeded)
2.eeprom hex
3.pic hex (final)

So if you have a pic-programmer and a phoenix you program
first the loader with pic programmer then program eeprom hex
with phoenix and last (but not least) the pic hex ,again with your pic programmer.

If we use a multiprogrammer like '' multiprog2001xl (d)
then (as mentioned above) we only load the pic and eeprom
hex(s) in the right mode of software and program at once.

For funcard things are almost the same.
1.flash hex
4.loader hex (usually embeded in softwares)

In that case we need a multiprogrammer to support atmel/fun
programming ,unless if we have a pre-programmed card ,so we can edit and reprogram the exteeprom via a phoenix.
Depending on the author, the data in need usually lies to the exteeprom ,so most of the times we do not use the inteeprom
for our programming.
The procedure is alike ,so we load flash and exteeprom and program at once (twoprog,chipcat)

PS. Don't mix pic hex with other eeprom hex than the one is originaly published.It's better to edit what doesn't work for you anymore ...
PS 2 .Loader hex is common for pic (16f84 /24lc16)so if you find one working good for you ,then keep it ,and always use this one, in your programming.

Hope i was for a little help.



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