VU+ uued tüünerid

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VU+ uued tüünerid

PostitusPostitas hexman » 21:27, 30 Mai 2017

At the ANGA COM exhibition, which kicked off today in the German city
of Cologne, two complete new UHD receivers from Vu + were introduced.

first new feature is the Vu + UNO 4K SE, which has a 2.4 "color
display, a 2.5" removable disk slot and is packed with an entirely new
FBC tuner working on the DVB-S2X standard. Another new feature is the Vu + Zero 4K receiver, which will also be available with the new DVB-S2X or DVB-T2 / C tuner. The prices of both news are not yet known, as is the date of sale. However, it is possible to assume that they will appear in stores traditionally at the end of the year.

Vu + features new plug-and-play DVB-S2X FBC tuners at the show in addition to the boxes. You will be able to insert them not only in the newcomers but also in the currently sold Vu + ULTIMO 4K and Vu + UNO 4K boxes. Another new feature from Vu + is the USB dongle Bluetooth to ensure
collaboration with the new remote control for Bluetooth-free receivers.

Basic parameters Vu + UNO 4K SE:
- 1x slot for removable DVB-S2 / S2X or FBC DVB-C or dual DVB-T2
- Dual Core 1.7 GHz processor
- flash 4 GB
- 2 GB DDR4 ram
- 2.4 "LCD screen / Mini TV
- socket for 2.5 "HDD / SDD
- 1x CI slot
- 1x card reader
- HDMI in HDMI out
- 2x USB 3.0
- support for transcoding
- HDR10 / HLG support



Basic parameters Vu + zero 4K:
- 1x slot for DVB-S2X or DVB-C / DVB-T2 tuner
- Dual Core 7000DMIPS processor
- flash 4 GB
- 1x card reader
- HDMI 2.0
- HDR10 / HLG support
plug and play DVB-S2X FB tuners


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Re: VU+ uued tüünerid

PostitusPostitas tigekala » 09:26, 06 Juun 2017



Punases ruudus on DVB-S2X


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