Philips 55POS901F 4K OLED TV

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Philips 55POS901F 4K OLED TV

PostitusPostitas peeter3000 » 14:46, 28 Veebr 2017

Philipsi kohta hea saavutus... võibolla parim teler mis eales tehtud (ka võrreldes plasma tv-ga) arvab HDTV TEST.
Eriti kiidetakse liikuvat pilti ("Perfect Natural Motion"-off aga "Perfect Clear Motion" -on), kuigi testijad veel ei tea kuidas Philipsil see on õnnestunud, ikkagi LG Display ekraan ("We’re still investigating how TP Vision/ Philips has achieved this, but from watching many football matches on the 55POS901, it delivered the sharpest, artefact-free motion we’ve witnessed from a 4K OLED television to date.")
Plussiks loetakse ka Philipsi "Ambilight". Antud teler aga ei sobi "mängurile".
The 55POS901F/12 is a stunning OLED debut from Philips. Not only is it the best television we’ve tested from the company, the combination of improved above-black qualities and superior motion sharpness also translated into the most impressive picture we’ve seen yet from a 4K OLED.

Some OLED TV owners already believe that the image quality of their sets has surpassed PDPs (plasma display panels), but for others, near-black uniformity/ gradation and motion clarity granted by impulse-type driving remain the last bastion of plasma. Philips’ first OLED goes some way towards bridging the gap, and if you accept the premise that OLED is superior to plasma thanks to true blacks, brighter light output, higher resolution and no PWM noise, then an argument could even be made for the 55POS901 to be right up there with the best TVs ever produced.

At a retail price of £2,799, the Philips 901F is significantly more expensive than LG’s OLED55B6V which boasts lower input lag, more accurate calibrated greyscale and Dolby Vision compatibility no less. But buying high-end AV equipment has always been subject to the law of diminishing returns, and if you’ve been frustrated by the near-black, motion and HDR tone-mapping deficiencies on LG OLEDs, the 55POS901F is the only consumer OLED TV on the market to provide a remedy at this time of publication (February 2017). ... 274433.htm
DVB-T/T2:Eesti-SoomeDigi/ DVB-C:Starman HD/DVB-S: Mabo 125x140cm/TBS5922

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Re: Philips 55POS901F 4K OLED TV

PostitusPostitas mustkass » 21:36, 02 Okt 2017

Selle aasta mudel veel parem,Eisa parim Oled TV 2016-2017 nüüd ka euronicsis saadaval: ... pos9002-12
AmikoViper4K/AX4K51/PhilipsCinema 21:9
T90 T85 1,8 1,0x1 0,8x2 0,9x3
85E 75E 68.2E 60E 56E 55E 53E 52E 51,5E 46E 45E 42E
36E 31.5E 28E 23.5E 19,2E 16E 13E 10E 9E 7E
3E 4.8E 1.0W 4/5W 27,5W 30W




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